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With over 20 years of experience in a wide range of construction projects and processes ICON BUILD possesses the knowledge, means and methods to expertly and efficiently bring any type of construction project to completion.  Our hallmark is a staunch unwavering obsession with quality.  The essence of our craftsmanship is rooted not only in the materials used, but how we use them.

These foundations accompanied with our strong design presence take our projects to the level, creating truly iconic spaces.

  • Custom single family
  • Design build single family
  • Multi-family
  • Secondary structures
  • Light Commercial/Retail


It’s all about the details.

Cost-concious investment and development projects, modest residential builds and expansive luxury properties all have one thing in common. They require the most they can get for their building dollar.

Our expertise in creatively combining value and quality make that happen. From applying bargain priced tile in a creative pattern to make an investment project stand out to on-site distressing of hand-hewn beams salvaged from France to acheive the perfect patina…

When it comes to architectural design, finishes and landscape, our approach is to think creatively and outside the box to achieve your asthetic and budget goals.


It’s in our blood and under our nails.

We call it sweat equity. Through college, we dug, hammered and sawed our way through the building business. Then we got the education and corporate experience to back it up. What this means to you? With an intimate knowledge of the building process through actual hands-on experience we provide real value. Plus, with experience on big projects like Invesco Field at Mile High(Denver Broncos Stadium), Lawrence Livermore Labs National Ignition Facility, Street of Dreams luxury property, and production homebuilder experience we have the depth & breadth of knowledge it takes to run a successful project.



Where a successful project starts.

Any building project, no matter the size or scope requires a lot moving pieces. It takes leadership to establish a successful team to ensure your project is completed with the highest level of quality and utmost attention to detail, on time and in budget.
Let our years of experience in managing projects of every type and size achieve this on your behalf.


With a B.S. in Construction Management from Colorado State University, one of the nation’s top Construction Management programs, our President gained a solid educational foundation to build his career.

"You have managed to jump into my mind and heart and create the home of my dreams. Our family will share so many amazing memories in this beautiful home you have designed for us."

"I Love this house and never want to leave! You guys are so good!"

"The personal touches you included in all areas of design are so thoughtful and appreciated. We felt like we were home the moment we walked in"

"We feel blessed for the opportunity to work with you guys"

"Working with you gave me a better appreciation for how much work goes into getting a new house all set up. Thanks for all of the great work you’ve done."

"We truly appreciate all the hours that went into the design of the home and are thrilled with how it turned out."

"Your ability to work seamlessly and efficiently with our subcontractors took our project to the next level"

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